Paul L. Caron

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Texas Tax Faculty Workshop

Texas tax workshopsTax faculty from all Texas Law Schools were invited to gather yesterday for an informal workshop at Texas A&M. As is our tradition, lunch doubled as a half-baked idea brainstorming session for all participants to share ideas and seek input on projects in very early stages. Below the fold is the list of who presented works in progress and who were the official commentators.

  • Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), Is COGS Constitutionally Required? (Gary Lucas (Texas A&M), commenter)
  • Cal Johnson (Texas), Stop Negative Tax: The Interest Ceiling of Adjusted Basis Times Interest Rate (Dennis Drapkin (SMU), commenter)
  • Susie Morse (Texas), Treasury’s Ace? (Terri Helge (Texas A&M), commenter)
  • Bob Probasco (Texas A&M), The Use of Money Principle: A Conceptual Framework (Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), commenter)
  • Bret Wells (Houston): Revisiting the Interaction of the Interest Expense Deduction and the Foreign Tax Credit (William Byrnes (Texas A&M), commenter)

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