Paul L. Caron

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Mann & Adams-Schoen Present Targeting Plastics Pollution With Taxes Today At Oregon

Roberta Mann (Oregon) & Sarah Adams-Schoen (Oregon) present Targeting Plastics Pollution with Taxes at Oregon today as part of its Oregon Law Perspectives Series (register here): 

Mann-adams-schoenBy 2050, the weight of plastic pollution in the ocean is projected to exceed the weight of the fish. What can we do about this? Professors Roberta Mann (Tax) and Sarah Adams-Schoen (Environmental Law) will discuss marine plastic pollution—the extent of the problem, the inadequacy of current approaches, and possible tax solutions. 

These experts in their field will examine the possibilities of properly designed environmental taxation to serve as an efficient, effective solution to the plastics pollution problem.

Moderator: Greg Dotson (Oregon)

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