Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Are Law Schools Now Woke Factories?

Richard Reinsch (Heritage Foundation), Are Law Schools Now Woke Factories?:

Heritage (2022)Students at three recent college events threatened violence against conservative speakers, along with the student groups that invited them to speak on campus.

This may be commonplace today, but what makes this hostility so much more shocking is that it occurred at colleges once considered eminent law schools: Georgetown University Law Center, Hastings College of Law at the University of California, and Yale Law School.

These future lawyers and their professors have shown us precisely what they think of free speech and open inquiry when the wrong people with the wrong views come to campus. ...

The pedagogical process, one that initiates students into the world of lawyering and its demands for civility, must be defended by academics and deans of law schools. Here there can be no neutrality.

That we are having this conversation is another sign that identity politics—its thorough envelopment of many law school students and school administration members—always manifests itself in an authoritarian, illiberal style. Our constitutional order needs to develop antibodies quickly to ward it off.

Some could be forgiven for concluding that to protect it we need to defund law schools.

Jeremiah Poff (Washington Examiner), Law Schools Are the New Front Lines in Free Speech Wars:

High-profile instances of attempted censorship at prestigious U.S. law schools have placed the training grounds for the nation's lawyers at the center of the campus free speech wars.




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