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Friday, April 1, 2022

25th Annual Critical Tax Conference At Villanova

VillanovaVillanova hosts the 25th Annual Critical Tax Conference (program) today and tomorrow:

The Critical Tax Theory Conference has a long history of fostering the work of both established and emerging scholars whose research challenges and enriches the tax law and policy literature. Critical tax scholars question assumptions of objectivity in tax, as their work explores how tax law and policy impact historically marginalized groups. At a time when tax policy is once again at the forefront of politics and public discourse, the work of these and other critical tax scholars supports a more robust discussion of the role for tax law in current and future social and economic policy.


9:15 AM: Welcome & Opening Remarks

  • Joy Mullane (Villanova)
  • Mark Alexander (Dean, Villanova)

9:30 AM: Connecting Scholarship to Policymakers and Stakeholders: A Discussion with Nina Olson (Center for Taxpayer Rights)

10:00 AM: Panel Presentation #1

11:30 AM: Incubator Session #1

  • Joshua Blank (UC-Irvine; Google Scholar), Automated Agencies
  • Keith Fogg (Harvard), Delaware the Pirate State
  • Alice Abreu (Temple), Taxpayer Bill of Rights - Moving Beyond the Procedural

12:15 PM: Keynote Address

1:30 PM: Panel Presentation #2

2:45 PM: Incubator Session #2

  • Richard Winchester (Seton Hall; Google Scholar), The S Corporation: A License to Steal
  • Tracy Kaye (Seton Hall), Opportunity Zones as Reparations
  • Carla Spivack (Oklahoma City)
  • Christine Speidel (Villanova; Google Scholar), “Taxpayer First” Innocent Spouse Adjudication

4:00 PM: Incubator Session #3 (Remote)

  • Bridget Crawford (Pace; Google Scholar) & Lee-ford Tritt (Florida), Hillbilly Tax
  • Nancy Shurtz (Oregon), Tax, Class, and Early Education Access

4:30 PM: Panel Session #3 (Remote)

  • Theodore Seto (Loyola-L.A.; Google Scholar), Justifying Social Safety Nets
  • Diane Klein (Southern), When The Tax Man Is Jim Crow: A Critical Tax Analysis of Earned Income Credit Audit Practices (How Stereotypes and Racist Tropes Intersect to Produce an Irrational, Inefficient Audit Regime)


9:10 AM: Panel Presentation #4

  • Katie Pratt (Loyola-L.A.), Federal Taxation of State Compensation for Forced Sterilizations
  • Yariv Brauner (Florida; Google Scholar), Why Developing Countries Should Avoid the Global “Agreement,” and How they Can Get Away with It
  • Neil Buchanan (Florida; Google Scholar), How Universal is the Murphy/Nagel Framework?
  • Joshua Wease (Michigan State), The Dark Side of The EITC: Eliminating Incentives And Opportunities For Malfeasant Tax Return Preparers By Considering Lederman’s Fraud Triangle And The Recent Evolution Of The Refundable Tax Credit

11:00 AM: Incubator Session #4

  • Anna Gooch (Center for Taxpayer Rights), State Level Taxpayer Rights
  • Luisa Scarcella (Antwerp), Nina Olson (Center for Taxpayer Rights), and Leslie Book (Villanova; Google Scholar), Partnering to Deliver a Lifeline: Lessons From The US and Italian Tax Systems
  • Phyllis Taite (Oklahoma City), Do Taxing Systems Impact Income and Wealth Inequality? Investigating Disparities in OECD Member and Contributing Countries

11:45 AM: Closing Remarks

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