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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Spivey: Changes In U.S. News Methodology Will Lead To Volatility In The 2023 Law School Rankings To Be Released March 29

Mike Spivey, 2023 U.S. News Law School Rankings Methodology:

U.S. News Law (2019)U.S. News & World Report recently released the embargoed version of their 2023 (2022 release) rankings, and we can confirm that there have been changes to the methodology used to calculate schools' overall ranking.

First, U.S. News has increased the weight allocated to its bar passage metric. Previously the bar passage score was assigned a 2.25% weight; that has been increased to 3%.

Second, U.S. News has changed how the bar passage metric is scored. ...

The third change U.S. News made was to the library metrics that were introduced in last year's 2022 edition of the rankings. Previously there had been 7 such metrics, each weighted at 0.25%. Now, U.S. News has consolidated those 7 into a single metric, the ratio of full-time equivalent professional librarian positions to students. That single metric is weighted at 1%. ...

We expect that these changes, and the historic 2020-2021 admission cycle, will lead to more volatility in the rankings results this year than is usually the case. Because the score differences between schools are so small, even minor changes to the methodology can lead to seemingly drastic changes., Law School Admissions Consultant: This Year's US News Rankings May Include Some Major Changes:

A spokesperson for U.S. News said Tuesday that the company “cannot vouch for the accuracy of any information that appears before March 29.”

Above the Law, Changes To U.S. News Law School Rankings Methodology Could Result In T14 Shake-Up

We would predict possibly two changes in the top 6 alone but will wait for the public release the 29th to be sure.

— Law school admissions consultant Mike Spivey of Spivey Consulting,

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