Paul L. Caron

Friday, March 11, 2022

North Carolina Hosts 25th Annual Tax Symposium Today And Tomorrow


Friday, March 11

9:00 AM: Introductions 

9:10 AM: Origins of and Inspiration for the UNC Tax Symposium

9:40 AM: ETF Heartbeat Trades, Tax Efficiencies, and Clienteles: The Role of Taxes in the Flow Migration from Active Mutual Funds to ETFs

11:00 AM: Does Shaming Pay? Evaluating California’s Top 500 Tax Delinquent Publication Program

  • Chad Angaretis (California Franchise Tax Board)
  • Brian D. Galle (Georgetown; Google Scholar)
  • Paul Organ (Michigan; Google Scholar) (presenter)
  • Allen C. Prohofsky (California Franchise Tax Board)
  • Michele Mullaney (Indiana-Kelley) (discussant) 
  • Jennifer Blouin (Penn) (moderator)

1:20 PM: Taking Advantage of Employer Tax Incentives for Workplace Diversity

1:20 PM: Environmental Taxes and Corporate Investment

  • Martin Jacob (WHU, Otto Beisheim; Google Scholar) (presenter)
  • Kira Zerwer (WHU, Otto Beisheim)
  • Mary Vernon (Connecticut) (discussant)
  • Mary Margaret Frank (Virginia; Google Scholar) (moderator)

3:15 PM: Keynote Address

  • Mark Wolfson (Stanford)

Saturday, March 12

8:45 AM: Recognitions

  • Jeff Hoopes (North Carolina)

9:00 AM: Incidence and Distributional Effects of the Corporate Tax: The Role of Excess Profits and Rent Sharing

  • William G. Gale (Brookings Institution; Google Scholar) (presenter)
  • Samuel I. Thorpe (Brookings Institution & Williams College) 
  • Richard Sansing (Dartmouth; Google Scholar) (discussant)
  • Scott Dyreng (Duke; Google Scholar) (moderator)

9:00 AM: Who Really Matters for Corporate Tax Planning

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