Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

LSAC Announces New Undergraduate Pathway To Law School Without Taking The LSAT/GRE

LSAC, LSAC Announces Pilot Program That May Allow Students to Apply to Law School Without an Admissions Test:

The Law School Admission Council announced today an initiative that aims to offer undergraduate students a new, holistic pathway to law school.

LSAC’s new Legal Education Program is intended to help students develop the skills necessary for success in law by providing a curriculum, which in the future may allow students to apply to law school without having to take any admissions test.

“We believe the Legal Education Program will provide a second, equally valid and reliable alternative for law school admission in the future that will complement the proven LSAT exam,” according to LSAC’s website.

LSAC is creating an additional pathway to law school that meets potential students earlier, via a holistic approach to building the skills and support needed to help them define, pursue and succeed in their educational goals, according to the school’s announcement.

LSAC will begin to pilot the Legal Education Program with three undergraduate institutions this fall—Cornell College, Northeastern University and University of Maryland, Eastern Shore—according to an LSAC spokesperson.

Initially, the pilot will include interested undergraduate students taking two three-credit classes with the ultimate goal, if the pilot is successful, of undergrad students taking 12 credit hours, which if successfully completed, could allow them to apply to law school without taking the LSAT or GRE, according to the spokesperson.

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