Paul L. Caron

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Harvard 2L Walks Away From Summer Associate Job In NYC To Protest Law Firm's Work In Russia; Other Offers Come Pouring In

National Law Journal, Harvard Law 2L Walks Away From Summer Associate Position to Protest Law Firm's Work in Russia:

Ryan Donahue, a 2L at Harvard Law School, took to LinkedIn yesterday to explain why he walked away from a summer associate position at a New York City law firm to show support for Ukraine.

“While most of the world has united in opposition to Putin and his war of aggression against Ukraine, a certain segment of the legal community has not,” Donahue posted. “Amazingly, some Big Law firms have refused to close their offices in Russia and permanently cut ties with Russian oligarchs and state-owned companies.”

“I’m not naming the New York City law firm, because multiple firms are doing this,” Donahue told on Wednesday. “My post was meant to call out all of these firms.” ...

Since he posted on LinkedIn Tuesday morning, “there have been offers flooding in,” he said. “People offering to help. Asking me to send my resume.”

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