Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

ABA Revises Diversity And Inclusion Accreditation Standard A Third Time

Following up on last week's post, ABA Legal Ed Section To Send Revised Diversity & Remote Learning Standards To House Of Delegates:, Following More Public Comment, ABA Revises Diversity and Inclusion Proposal a Third Time:

ABA Legal Ed (2021)The ABA said multiple comments expressed concern that the proposal creates a two-tiered DEI system that gives priority to racial and ethnic diversity at the expense of LGBTQ+ and disability diversity.

The Council of the American Bar Association’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has, for the third time since last spring, revised Standard 206 and released a final version of a proposal aimed at bolstering its existing diversity and inclusion standard.

Feb. 10 memorandum from the ABA Standards Committee detailed the 10 public comments the proposal received between mid-November, when the last round of revisions was made, and Jan. 21, when the comment period closed. The final recommendations will go to the ABA House of Delegates (HOD) for concurrence at the HOD’s August 2022 meeting. ...

The most recent revisions clarify that Standard 206 does not allow law schools to engage in racial balancing or limit representation of individuals from any group, according to the report.

The reference to “all underrepresented groups” was changed to “underrepresented groups generally,” the report states. “To make it clear that not every one of the underrepresented groups must be present in each one of the faculty, staff and student body groups.”

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