Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Pandemic Pedagogy And Its Applications For International Legal Education And The Hyflex Classroom Of The Future

Colleen P. Graffy (Pepperdine; Google Scholar), Pandemic Pedagogy and Its Applications for International Legal Education and the Hyflex Classroom of the Future, 46 S. Ill. U. L.J. __ (2022):

As Academic Director of Pepperdine Caruso’s London Law Program for over twenty years, the author saw the early development of technologies linking law schools with their overseas campuses. Now back in Malibu, California, Pepperdine Caruso’s home campus, she sees the potential of Zoom generation technology and its application for study abroad programs. The pandemic and the enforced online learning resulting from it advanced not only classroom technology, but the attitudes toward it. This offers hope for better interaction between study abroad programs and their home campuses—a hope for which many in international legal education have long been waiting. This article looks at the many benefits of international legal education and the impediments to attending, which include lack of required courses, concerns about participating in law review, journals, trial team, moot court, and other co-curricular activities as well as on-campus interviews and employment concerns. 

The article looks at how pandemic-induced technologies might enhance overseas programs and make them accessible to more law students. The author also identifies the pandemic pedagogy that is enriching legal education as we go back to in-person classroom learning and the opening it has created for an interactive HyFlex Classroom that combines in-person and online legal education to the advantage of both campuses, at home and abroad.

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