Paul L. Caron

Sunday, February 13, 2022

NY Times Op-Ed: Should Churches Drop Their Online Services?

Following up on last Sunday's post, Why Churches Should Drop Their Online ServicesTish Harrison Warren (New York Times Op-Ed), 7 Thoughtful Reader Responses on Ending Online Church:

Warren 3There was a huge response to last week’s newsletter, where I argued that churches should phase out their livestream services. I received thousands of emails and other replies online, many of which were beautiful and profound. You’ve given me a lot to think about!

Readers raised important concerns and questions, so I decided to use this week’s newsletter to highlight excerpts from some of the thoughtful and helpful replies that I received.

Some readers responded enthusiastically to the piece and found motivation in it to return to in-person services. ...

There were readers who agree with the importance of in-person church but who have found that in practice it is difficult to attend church where they live because of a lack of Covid-19 precautions. ...

I agree that offering livestreaming services to those with unique accessibility needs could play a helpful role as one part of more comprehensive, holistic and ongoing support. I am sorry not to have included this caveat in my original piece.

Each of these responses offers vital and needed insight as we seek to come back from Covid as a church and a society. I am grateful for you, readers, and for your interaction with these important ideas and difficult questions.

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