Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Muller: Are Law Schools Prepared For A Multi-Year Cycle Of Substantial Declines In 1L Enrollment?

Derek Muller (Iowa), Are Law Schools Prepared For a Multi-Year Cycle of Substantial Declines in 1L Enrollment?:

While 1L JD enrollment hit a nine-year high this year, Dean Paul Caron has been tracking the declining figures for the upcoming year. Maybe that’s not too bad for law schools, given that they’ve seen this growth and are, perhaps, a bit more able to insulate it against it next year. Applicants might end up looking more like 2020 levels rather than 2021 levels.

But another thing to watch? Test-takers are cratering. ...

The later in the cycle it gets, the more these tests are likely to portend figures for the next cycle. And they suggest a fairly significant decline for the Fall 2023 cycle.

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