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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

University Upholds Jewish Law Prof's Right To Have Federal Judge Guest Lecture In His Class During High Holy Days

Following up on my previous posts (links below):  Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Professor Affirmed:

Arkansas Little Rock (2021)The myriad travails of late at the University of Arkansas’ Bowen School of Law were justified after a university committee found Professor Rob Steinbuch was correct in having invited guests lead his classes during the Jewish high holidays.

Using guest lecturers was something Steinbuch had legitimately done without question for nearly 20 years.

After he again used a respected Arkansas federal judge last semester to cover his class during the two highest Jewish Holy Days, Bowen Dean Theresa M. Beiner wrote to say he could no longer use such temporary fill-ins, he said.

However, a three-person university committee found Beiner apparently acted against law school rules by restricting Steinbuch’s future absentee scheduling. ...

Steinbuch said his conflict with the Beiner administration actually preceded these events, when last summer he reported that a named professorship at Bowen had been quietly and improperly labeled as the “William J. Clinton Professorship in Constitutional Law,” even though Clinton had previously withdrawn his name for the position. ...

Steinbuch and others on the faculty refused to drop that issue, and eventually UALR’s chancellor and a state Senate hearing into the matter vindicated Steinbuch’s concerns over the Clinton professorship title. ... And now he’s been twice proven right. ...

(Hat Tip:  Glenn Reynolds (Tennessee))

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