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Friday, January 28, 2022

Tenured Professor Suspended For Using Redacted Slurs In Law School Exam Sues University of Illinois-Chicago

Following up on my previous posts (links below):  Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Lawsuit: Professor Suspended For Redacted Slurs in Law School Exam Sues University of Illinois Chicago:

  • KilbornUniversity forces professor into sensitivity course — that uses the exact same redacted slur in the training materials ...

Law professor Jason Kilborn forges ahead in the battle to vindicate academic freedom rights at University of Illinois Chicago, which punished him for a test question that included two redacted slurs.

Today, Kilborn filed a First Amendment lawsuit against UIC. He is represented by Wayne Giampietro, an attorney in the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s Faculty Legal Defense Fund network.

“The only thing that will hold UIC accountable for its unconstitutional actions is a lawsuit,” said Kilborn. “FIRE’s Faculty Legal Defense Fund gave me the strong medicine of real legal action, and UIC has given me no choice but to use it.”

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