Paul L. Caron

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Tax: One Of The 20 Hottest Law Jobs For The Next Decade

20 Hottest Law Jobs

The 20 Hottest Law Jobs for the Next Decade, Nat'l Jurist, Fall 2021, at 18:

[I]t’s hard to predict which areas of law will become most in demand, because it’s hard to predict where society is headed. ... We turned to top experts, the three authors of Law Jobs: The Complete Guide, to get their opinions on which fields show the most promise. ... The authors are: Andrew McClurg, professor emeritus of The University of Memphis - Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law; Christine Nero Coughlin, a professor at Wake Forest University School of Law; and Nancy Levit, a professor at University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law. They offer personal and professional advice on the 20 hottest practice areas. ...

Tax LawMartin Ginsburg, a tax lawyer, a beloved tax law professor and the [late husband of former]  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, once famously said: “Basic tax, as everyone knows, is the only genuinely funny subject in law school.”

Tax lawyers assure us that tax law can be “genuinely funny.” While we may find that questionable, there is no question that tax law is hot. Tax lawyers help evaluate how changes in the tax law affect individuals and businesses. Given the changes to the tax code under the Trump administration and the shifting policies in the Biden administration, tax lawyers are in high demand.

And the pandemic has most certainly caused many people to consider their mortality. That has led many to think about how to structure their finances and estates and how to give gifts to their children or parents.

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