Paul L. Caron

Thursday, January 20, 2022

AI, Law Schools, And Bar Exams

Lance B. Eliot (Codex: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics), The Reasoned Case For Teaching About AI In Law Schools For Law Students:

Stanford CodexA perhaps surprisingly controversial question is whether or not law schools should be offering a formal class on the topic of AI and the law, and if so, additional queries arise about whether such an offering ought to be optional versus required, techie-oriented, or law-focused, etc. Let’s unpack the matter and see.

Lance B. Eliot (Codex: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics), AI-Enabled Interrogators For Attorney Bar Exam Taking:

The prevailing approach to administering attorney bar exams is via old-fashioned paper-based methods, thus primarily static (not dynamic) and lacking in any interactive dialoguing about the law. Technology is gradually being used for bar exam efforts, including remote online exam taking and similar high-tech infusion. The upcoming future likely consists of an AI-enabled bar exams that can spar with prospective attorneys during the real-time quest of taking the venerated exam.

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