Paul L. Caron

Friday, January 7, 2022

Acceptance Rates Dropped By 34% At Most Prestigious Law Schools

Following up on my previous post, Law School Rankings By Fall 2021 Acceptance Rate:  preLaw, Law School Acceptance Rates Dropped by 34% at Most Prestigious Schools:

More than half of ABA-accredited law schools lowered their acceptance rate by 10% or more this past year, according to new data released by the American Bar Association. The median acceptance rate for all law schools dropped by 10% from 45.3% to 40.8%. But the change was far more dramatic for the nation’s most prestigious schools.

The 15 law schools with acceptance rates below 15% dropped by 34.9% from an average of 17% to 11.1%.

Harvard Law School saw the greatest percent decline in its acceptance rate, dropping from 13% to 6.9%, for a 46.9% decline. Yale Law School recorded the lowest acceptance rate at just 4.1%. That was down from 7.4% from the year before. ...

Acceptance Rate

While most of the nation’s most prestigious law schools recorded the biggest changes in acceptance rates, some other schools made big changes.

University of Miami had the largest change in percentage points, dropping from 51.4% to 30.1%, for a 41.5% decline. Villanova Law School dropped its acceptance rate from 29.8% to 17.8% for a 40.2% decline.

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