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Friday, December 17, 2021

Lat: Will Heather Gerken Be Reappointed As Dean of Yale Law School?

Following up on my previous posts (links below):  David Lat (Original Jurisdiction; J.D. 1999, Yale), A Quick Update On Yale Law School: Will Heather Gerken Be Reappointed as Dean of YLS?:

GerkenThe last episode of The Dean, a riveting television series based on the abundant drama at Yale Law School, ended with a cliffhanger: would the embattled dean, Heather Gerken, win reappointment? Or would critics of how she handled various scandals at YLS block her renewal? ...

When will we receive official word? With Yale’s winter recess coming up, it’s unlikely to be before the end of the year. Instead, look for an announcement from President Salovey’s office sometime in January.

The announcement of a dean’s reappointment is usually marked by a celebration of a dean’s major accomplishments to date. In Dean Gerken’s case, expect to hear about her shepherding YLS through the pandemic, achieving record-setting diversity in the student body, launching the Tsai Leadership Program, expanding already robust clinical programs, and exceeding fundraising goals. But there have been smaller successes as well, including the launch of a Safety Net Support Fund that helps students deal with unexpected or emergency expenses (of which there have been many during the pandemic).

Regardless of your views on all the recent controversies—and I certainly wasn’t shy about expressing my concerns—barring something unforeseen, Dean Gerken will remain in office as the dean of Yale Law School. So to my fellow YLS alumni, as well as students, faculty, and administrators, I say: let’s support Dean Gerken in making Yale Law School the very best law school it can be.

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