Paul L. Caron

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Johnson: The Wonderful Mark-to-Market Tax

Calvin H. Johnson (Texas), The Wonderful Mark-to-Market Tax, 173 Tax Notes Fed. 1227 (Nov. 29, 2021):

Tax Notes Federal (2020)Whatever its role in the current U.S. budget decisions, the proposal for mark-to-market taxation is a wonderful idea, so good to be inevitable — at some point. Mark-to-market taxation would tax shareholders on the annual gain from publicly traded stock even when those gains have not been reduced to cash. ...

Both accounting and economics define income to include mark-to-market gains. The 16th Amendment specifically authorizes a tax on income. That alone is sufficient.

Bezos’s tax return reports basic salary that is only one two-millionth of his economic income. It’s time to apply the income tax to our billionaires’ real income.

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