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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

More On The Two Yale Law School Controversies

UpdateYale Law School Dean Heather Gerken Admits Error, Stops Short Of Apologizing To Targeted Students; Law Prof Calls For Conservative Yale 1Ls To Transfer (Nov. 18, 2021)

Following up on yesterday's Yale Law School posts on the Trap House Email Controversy and  the Student Law Suit For Retaliation In Amy Chua Case:

Yale Law Logo (2020)David Lat, Doe v. Gerken: A Lawsuit Against Yale Law:

And additional news: the decision on renewing Heather Gerken as dean has been postponed to early December.

Eugene Volokh (UCLA), The Allegations in the New Lawsuit Against Yale Law School:

I reviewed them again, and thought I'd post just the factual allegations (which start below at item 3). ... As I read them, I found myself comparing them to the tone of the alleged conduct by two of the same administrators (Cosgrove and Eldik) in their interaction with Yale law student Trent Colbert (from TrapHouseGate), so I thought I'd include them alongside; let me know whether you too see a common thread in the tone.

Prior TaxProf Blog coverage:

Prior TaxProf Blog coverage:

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