Paul L. Caron

Saturday, October 23, 2021

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

  1. Ruth Marcus (Washington Post), At Yale Law School, A Party Invitation Ignites A Firestorm
  2. Kathleen Parker (Washington Post), Yale Law School Triggers Me
  3. Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), Lesson From The Tax Court #200: The Great Divide
  4. David Lat, Yale Law Student Who Sent 'Trap House' Email Faces Removal As 2L Rep (Oct. 18, 2021)
  5. Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern), Yale Law School’s Bullying, Coercive Diversity Leaders (Oct. 19, 2021)
  6. Paul Bloom (University of Toronto), The Secret To A Happy And Meaningful Life: Choose Suffering
  7. Yale Daily News, Racism, Conservatism And Free Speech At Yale Law School (Oct. 20, 2021)
  8. Eugene Volokh (UCLA), Lawyers, Law Students, Law School Administrators, And Language (Oct. 22, 2021)
  9. Reuters, Is Big Law's Addiction To Elite Law Schools Hobbling Diversity Efforts?
  10. Paul Caron (Dean, Pepperdine), Tax Prof Twitter Census (2021-22 Edition)

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