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Monday, October 25, 2021

Taite Presents The Impact Of Tax Code Bias On The Racial Wealth Gap Today At Loyola-L.A.

Phyllis Taite (Oklahoma City) presents Inequality by Unnatural Selection: The Impact of Tax Code Bias on the Racial Wealth Gap at Loyola-L.A. today as part of its Tax Policy Colloquium:

Phyllis-taiteOne of the underlying principles of social Darwinism is the belief that people are inherently strong or weak and those strengths and weaknesses determine their fate in life through the process of natural selection.  Wealthy taxpayers support the ideals of social Darwinism because it maintains the class divide and strengthens the racial divide through oppressive acts, particularly toward Black people.   Others likely support the principles based on their perceptions that everyone would start at the same position and competitors would face similar obstacles.  Based on the belief that the strongest will, and should survive, it is easy to promote the ideals of social Darwinism because fair competition should yield a just outcome.  Even when two people are planted in the same location, their backgrounds will likely determine their respective readiness for competition.  America has a history of deeply rooted racial oppression that built the foundation for one community and destroyed the foundation of others.  It is inherently unfair to place obstacles in the path of one group, and not the other, and expect the same level of performance.

This article analyzes how laws and policies, primarily in tax, have completely obstructed or imposed barriers to wealth building for minority households.  Biased laws and policies that promote wealth for high income, white households and inhibit opportunities for Black households cause wealth inequalities by unnatural selection and contribute the racial wealth gap. 

Commentator: Alice Abreu (Temple)

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