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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

New Video Series: My Favorite Law Review Article

American University Law Review, My Favorite Law Review Article Video Series:

In collaboration with Washington College of Law faculty and American University Law Review staff, we are proud to present a limited video series entitled “My Favorite Law Review Article.” Although oftentimes difficult to pinpoint, one’s “favorite” scholarly commentary or publication might be the one that made them aware of, or even become interested in, a certain field or subfield of law that convinced them that they are not alone in taking a certain position; that supported more clearly or forcefully a position towards which they were already inclined; that made them change their mind; that did not change their mind but made them take into account new and different arguments; that struck them as wonderfully written; that gave them an insight into one of their role models; or maybe some combination of the above.

Walter Effross (American), Favorite Law Review Article: Elizabeth Warren, The Untenable Case for Repeal of Chapter 11, 102 Yale L.J. 437 (1992):

Guidelines for submission:

  1. Select the law review article that you wish to discuss. (Please choose an article that you did not write or co-author.)
  2. All forms of video recording (Zoom, Photo Booth, phone camera, etc.) are acceptable; our team will edit appropriately.
  3. Please try to keep your review between five and seven minutes long.
  4. At the beginning of the video, please introduce (1) yourself and (2) the title and author of the Article [including the citation, or at least the year of publication].
  5. Please provide a brief synopsis of the piece, read one or more pertinent passages, and/or discuss a particularly moving/interesting segment.
  6. Most importantly, explain why this article is your favorite. You might consider discussing: when and how you first read it; what makes it special to you—the topic itself, the writing style, and/or something else; why others should read it; and/or how it contributed to your understanding of, or passion for, specific areas of the law.
  7. Email your recording to Emily Thomas.

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