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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Break Into Tax: Talking Tax Careers With The Tax Chick

BiT's first-ever crossover episode: Break Into Tax + Amanda Doucette, host of The Tax Chick Podcast! Like us, Amanda likes to make information and resources more accessible and tackle tax topics with humor. The BiT video contains information and extras not in the 30-minute podcast & vice versa! Find the podcast episode at https://thetaxchickpodcast.transistor... (available on all major podcast streaming sites).

Amanda Doucette is a self-proclaimed foodie, spin class and Pilates enthusiast, and a tax lawyer in Canada. She fell into the practice of tax law despite having a life-long hatred of spreadsheets, math, and numbers in general. She hosts both The Tax Chick Podcast and The Tax Chick Blog.

Contents of this video:

  • 00:00​ - Introduction
  • 00:27 - Tax/Foodie Icebreaker
  • 01:22​ - Amanda Doucette's Background
  • 02:30​ - Why Tax?
  • 04:37 - Women in Tax
  • 12:22 - Why a Podcast or YouTube Channel?
  • 12:49 - The BiT Origin Story
  • 13:15 - Allison Christians Cameo
  • 13:38 - The Tax Chick Origin Story
  • 15:42 - 6 Tax Practice Areas
  • 16:23 - Wrap-Up
  • 16:44 - List of the 6 Tax Practice Areas


The Tax Chick Podcast logo is used with the permission of Amanda Doucette. The spaghetti image is from, Creative Commons license 2.0, We removed the other elements in the original photo and progressively cropped the spaghetti image.

None of the Break Into Tax content is legal or tax advice. Our email address for inquiries: [email protected].

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