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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Law Schools Report 'Eye-Popping' LSAT Scores In Their 1L Classes

Following up on Monday's post, Admissions Data At 90% Of The U.S. News Top 50: Higher LSATs, UGPAs, And Enrollment:  Reuters, Law Schools Report Soaring Admission Test Scores in 'Unprecedented' Year:

Law schools are reporting eye-popping increases in median Law School Admission Test scores for their first-year classes, illustrating how competitive last year’s admission cycle was.

Law schools' median LSAT scores rarely change by more than a point from year to year. But so far this year at least six law schools have reported three-point increases in their median LSAT, including two ranked in the top 20 — Cornell Law School and Georgetown University Law Center. Forty-two schools have said their median LSAT went up two points.

Portland’s Lewis & Clark Law School, ranked No. 88 by U.S. News & World Report, has reported the largest growth in its median LSAT score to date, a four-point increase from 158 to 162. ...

All but 14 of the schools ranked in the top 100 by U.S. News have provided 2021 median LSAT figures on their websites. With more than two thirds of all law schools reporting thus far, none has seen a drop in their median LSAT, according to Spivey’s data.

ABA Journal, Some Law Schools Report 'Eye-Popping Increases' in Median LSAT Scores For Incoming 1Ls

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