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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Full-Time Duke And North Carolina Faculty Receive $2,300 In Settlement Of Claim That Non-Poaching Agreement Stifled Lateral Moves; Adjunct Faculty Receive $150

Following up on my previous posts (links below):  News & Observer, UNC, Duke Professors Get Paid From $19 Million Settlement in Alleged Hiring Scheme:

Duke UNCThousands of UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University professors are getting checks from Duke as part of a $19 million settlement after a class-action lawsuit alleged the schools colluded on hiring decisions.

The lawsuit, filed by a UNC-CH professor, alleged that non-medical faculty were paid less because Duke and UNC had a “no-poach understanding” that violated state and federal anti-trust laws.

The plaintiffs accused the schools of agreeing not to hire each other’s faculty in order to “suppress the pay of Duke and UNC faculty,” according to the initial complaint. ...

More than 15,700 current and former faculty members at Duke and UNC-CH were eligible for these payments, according to court documents. ...

Regular faculty members will receive an average of $2,341.19 in compensation, according to the site. Other faculty positions, like adjuncts or visitors, will receive an average of $152.54.

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