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Monday, October 25, 2021

Former Advocacy Director Claims Law School Fired Her After 16 Years Following Her Complaint To ABA About Discrimination During Accreditation Site Visit

ABA Journal, Moot Court Teacher Claims Her Law School Position Was Terminated Following Complaints to the ABA:

LoweryThe former director of advocacy at the Mississippi College School of Law claims in a recent federal court filing she was constructively terminated from the position, partially because of what she said about job security for non-tenure track faculty during an ABA site evaluation.

Victoria Lowery Leech, who is white, also claims the law school was obligated to offer her an available position after it terminated her program, but instead a Black candidate was recommended. She alleges ABA concern about the law school’s commitment to diversity figured in with the school’s decision.

Her complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi on Oct. 8, alleges wrongful termination, as well as gender and race discrimination. ...

Patricia Bennett is the law school’s dean. Lowery claims Bennett, who is Black, offered 405(c) status positions to two non-white faculty members during 2020, one of whom had less legal writing experience than Lowery.

“Effectively, because Professor Lowery is white and does not satisfy ABA diversity goals, by terminating Professor Lowery and promoting the African American clinical staff member to 405(c) status, the school was able to bring itself into compliance with the ABA’s 405(c) concerns, and was able to make a diverse faculty hire, all without increasing the school’s faculty budget,” the complaint states.

WLBT, Former Professor Slaps MC Law With Wrongful Termination Suit

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