Paul L. Caron

Monday, October 18, 2021

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Says Three Years Of Law School Is A ‘Waste’

Florida Politics, Ron DeSantis Says Three Years of Law School Is a ‘Waste’:

DeSantisGov. Ron DeSantis continued his recent tradition of unsolicited critiques of higher education, saying Friday that current three-year law school tracks are a “waste.”

“You don’t need three years for law school,” DeSantis, a Harvard Law product, said in Naples Friday, where he was rolling out a job growth grant award to expand vocational offerings.

“Some of these degrees you see. You know, I went to law school; you don’t need three years for law school,” DeSantis divulged. “I mean, seriously, you don’t. You could do it probably in one. Definitely in two. You don’t need three.”

“It’s a waste,” DeSantis continued. “And there’s other degrees where they make you do more years than you need to. We don’t want them toiling for no reason. Get the skills and go out there and put them to use.”

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