Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Blouin Presents Does Tax Planning Affect Organizational Complexity: Evidence From Check-the-Box Today At NYU

Jennifer Blouin (Penn) presents Does Tax Planning Affect Organizational Complexity: Evidence from Check-the-Box (with Linda Krull (Oregon; Google Scholar)) at NYU today as part of its Tax Policy and Public Finance Colloquium hosted by Dan Shaviro:

Blouin (2021)This study investigates the effect of the 1997 check-the-box regulations on the current effective income tax rates of U.S. multinational firms. Following the empirical methodology developed in Dyreng and Lindsey (2009), we measure the effect that the change in tax law has on the average worldwide, U.S., and foreign taxes paid on worldwide, federal and foreign pretax book income for a large sample of U.S. multinational firms. We find that on average U.S. multinational firms’ worldwide tax rates declined by 7.5% in the post-1996 period. Further, we find that the effect of the regulations was greater on U.S. multinational firms’ average foreign tax rates as compared to their average U.S. foreign tax rates. Our results also suggest that the effect is concentrated in the U.S. multinational firms that had a greater change in their ownership structures and a greater change in the balance of their intercompany payments in the post-1996 period.  

Although our results do suggest that the 1997 regulations served to reduce U.S. tax collections, our results imply that the 1997 regulations had a greater effect on firms’ foreign tax burdens.

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