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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

31% Of July 2021 Online CA Bar Takers Had Tech Issues; February 2022 CA Bar To Be In-Person

State Bar of California, State Bar Concludes Investigation on July Bar Exam Technological Issues:

California State Bar (2019)The State Bar announced it has largely concluded data-gathering on the technological issues experienced by a limited number of examinees during the July California Bar Exam. The State Bar’s analysis concluded that the technology issues experienced nationwide and reported widely after the July exam had meaningful impacts of lost time or content on approximately 2 percent (158) of California test takers. ...

While only 2 percent of applicants appear to have lost time or content, nearly 31 percent of California test takers experienced one or more technical issues related to the software memory utilization. The vast majority were able to continue: session data show that more than 99 percent of test takers in all sessions reported either experiencing no problem at all or being able to restart from a black or blue screen without having lost time or content.

State Bar of California, February 2022 California Bar Exam:

Please note that the February 2022 California Bar Examination will be held as an in-person examination. Applicants will be required to select a testing location [Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, and San Diego] when they apply in the Applicant Portal.

(Hat Tip: Selina Farrell)

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