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Saturday, October 16, 2021

1L, Unsure If She's 'Cut Out' For Law School, Starts Twitter Dialogue On Law Student Mental Health, 'Play the Game YOUR Way': 1L, Unsure If She's 'Cut Out' for Law School, Starts Twitter Dialogue on Law Student Mental Health:

EatonFirst-year law student Amelia Eaton was unsure whether law school was for her.

Just in the first few weeks, she’s enjoyed what she’s learning and found classes engaging, but she had doubts.

As someone who struggles with an anxiety disorder and attention-deficit/hyper activity disorder, she realized that some of her symptoms were already impacting her studies at Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

She’s been having difficulty staying on top of the readings and fully digesting the content has been overwhelming, she told on Friday. Self-doubt ensued and she wondered if she was meant to go to law school.

She took to #lawtwitter on Thursday afternoon to vent and look for advice.

“I’ve spent a long time challenging stigma, but since starting law school it’s been difficult to stop myself from questioning whether I’m ‘cut out’ for law school,” she tweeted

Tweet 2

She wasn’t expecting her post to start such a conversation.

Lawyers and students from around the globe commented, expressing their own struggles with mental health conditions and encouraged Eaton to take care of herself throughout her studies.

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