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Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Impact Of 1L Credentials And Academic Attrition Rates On Bar Exam Success

Rory D. Bahadur (Washburn) & Kevin Ruth (PhD Mathematics, Miami), Quantifying the Impact of Matriculant Credentials & Academic Attrition Rates on Bar Exam Success at Individual Schools, 99 U. Det. Mercy L. Rev. Online 1 (Oct. 2021):

A scatterplot displaying bar passage rates vs. academic attrition, across all law schools, suggests that bar passage rates and academic attrition rates are not positively correlated, and may even be slightly negatively correlated. This means that according to the data in the scatterplot there appears to be a slight trend where the higher an institution’s academic attrition rate, the lower the bar passage rate. Such global statistical observations obfuscate the true relationship between attrition and bar passage at individual schools.

Academic attrition rates have a significant positive impact on an individual school’s bar passage rate. There are confounding variables which prevent us from seeing the true relationship between academic attrition and bar passage rates in the global scatterplot. This brief article quantifies the impact of academic attrition on bar passage for individual schools. We tangibly demonstrate the impact of academic attrition and matriculant credentials on bar passage at individual schools.

Bar Attrition

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