Paul L. Caron

Monday, September 27, 2021

The Fall 2022 Law School Admissions Season Opens With A Bang: Applicants Are Up 15%

Mike Spivey, Our First 2021-2022 Cycle Data:

We have our first glimpse at 2021-2022 cycle volume. As of 9/23 there were about 6,000 law school applicants so far this year. That's about 15% more than last cycle's ~5,100, and 50% more than the 2019-2020 cycle's ~3,900.


It's important to remember that it's still very early in the cycle. Only about 7% of applicants have submitted by this point. ... Remember, last year we were up by 30% at this time and ended the cycle up 13%. Things change. We're trending well behind last year in registrations for the November LSAT (though somewhat ahead for the October LSAT). If you're a law school this is probably good news, and if you're an applicant it's probably not good news.

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