Paul L. Caron

Friday, September 3, 2021

Here's How Georgetown Law School Crushed 2021 Admissions

Following up on Monday's post, Admissions Data At Nearly Half Of The U.S. News Top 50: Higher LSATs, UGPAs, And Enrollment:  Reuters, Q&A: Here's How Georgetown Law Crushed 2021 Admissions:

Georgetown University Law Center’s admissions dean Andrew Cornblatt knew something unusual was happening last October, when his office had received far more applications than normal for that time of year. The surge never died down.

By the end of the admissions cycle, Georgetown had 14,000 applicants, a 41% increase from the previous year. It was the largest applicant pool on record at any law school, outpacing the national 12.6% increase in law school applicants. ...

Its median LSAT score rose three points to 171, while the median grade-point average increased to 3.85 from 3.78 a year ago. Other top law schools also made gains in their LSAT and GPA medians this year, though Georgetown is thus far alone in posting a three-point LSAT increase.


(Some law schools, including those at Stanford University, Columbia University, and University of Chicago have not yet reported their admissions statistics. It's unlikely those schools, with previous LSAT medians equal to or higher than Georgetown's current score, will beat its three-point increase)

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