Paul L. Caron

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Frye: Letter To The Yale Law Journal Forum

Brian Frye (Kentucky; Google Scholar), Letter to the Yale Law Journal Forum:

Yale Law Journal Logo (2018)This essay is a legal scholarship in the form of a letter to the Yale Law Journal Forum, reflecting on the nature of the market for legal scholarships. ...

I want to tell you about my scholarship. Every year I write another article about the same thing, just like everyone else. It’s a drag, but the summer bonus makes it worth the effort, and at this point, the articles almost write themselves. Recycling the literature review sure helps!

Of course, writing an article is only half the battle. I still have to place it. Sure, I could just accept the first offer that comes along, or palm it off on my students. But appearances matter. And the better the placement, the bigger the bonus. So I always do my best to make my articles look as appealing as possible. You never know when you might catch an editor’s eye and land a honey of a placement.

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