Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Brian Leiter v. Richard Painter

Brian Leiter (Chicago), Richard Painter (Minnesota) Is An Astonishingly Dishonest Person:

Some readers will recall some posts from July about Twitter's most unhinged law professor. Remarkably, he continues to lie about me almost two months later, I guess because he's not used to getting any pushback on his unethical behavior. ...

Richard even tried to smear other law professors (including two of my colleagues) as racists; commenting on this paper about lax tenure standards in law schools by three younger scholars (one of whom, contrary to Richard, is untenured) [Adam Chilton (Chicago), Jonathan Masur (Chicago) & Kyle Rozema (Washington U.), Rethinking Law School Tenure Standards, 50 J. Legal Stud. 1 (2021)], he tweeted:

Painter smearing Chilton Masur as racists

As one law professor wrote to me:  "it is pretty funny that he’s trying to dunk on [the authors] for racism while himself clearly accepting as a given that minority professors won’t be able to meet even slightly higher bars."  Ironically, the authors address that topic, and find there is no disparate impact on people of color, who do very well by the citation metrics they study. 

Richard's level of dishonesty is astonishing for a tenured professor who purports to be an "ethics" expert, but opportunistic and reckless imputations of racism to other scholars is truly beyond the pale.

Leiter posted an update this morning with comments from Painter's Minnesota colleague Daniel Schwarcz, including: "I am truly sorry that you've had to endure what, I agree, has been a terrible misrepresentation of your statements and attempt to twitter-harass you."

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