Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

University Of Wisconsin Fires Professor For Not Wearing Mask In Class; Other Professors Quit Over Mask Mandates

Wisconsin State Journal, UW-Stout Professor Fired For Not Wearing Mask on Campus:

UWThe University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents last month fired a UW-Stout engineering professor for failing to wear a mask while on campus last year, according to documents obtained by the Wisconsin State Journal.

A disciplinary investigation file released this week shows Regents on July 8 voted unanimously to adopt an order of dismissal for UW-Stout engineering professor Pavel Bizyukov because he didn’t wear a mask in the classroom on Sept. 9, 2020, as required by UW-Stout and the board, and because he did not follow a process to obtain an exception to the mask requirement.

Firing a professor is rare in the UW System, where it’s happened only six other times since 2010, a Wisconsin State Journal review of records found.

UW-Stout Chancellor Katherine Frank found grounds for Bizyukov’s termination in November, and those charges were upheld by a UW-Stout faculty committee following an evidentiary hearing. The Board of Regents’ Personnel Matters Review Committee unanimously determined in May that there was just cause for Bizyukov’s termination.

Inside Higher Ed, More Professors Over Face-to-Face Teaching Mandates:

[Several] professors have publicly announced that they’re leaving their institutions or choosing not to teach this term because their colleges and universities are mandating face-to-face instruction despite rising numbers of COVID-19 infections in their areas. ...

To be clear, professors aren’t quitting in droves. And even during COVID-19, the long-ailing faculty job market is still a college or university’s market. ... [F]or every professor who resigns this fall, there are likely many more who can’t or won’t quit for various reasons, including financial ones, but who are concerned about institutions proceeding with COVID-19 plans largely decided before Delta variant gained such a foothold.

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