Paul L. Caron

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Surge In Law School Applicants Is Biggest Since Dot-Com Bubble

Following up on my previous posts:

Karen Sloan (Reuters), Law School Applicants Surge 13%, Biggest Increase Since Dot-Com Bubble:

The number of people applying for admission to law school this fall surged nearly 13%, making it the largest year-over-year percentage increase since 2002, according to the latest data from the Law School Admission Council.

And they were an impressive bunch. The number of people applying with LSAT scores in the highest band of 175 to 180 more than doubled from 732 last year to 1,487 this year.


In total, 71,048 people applied to American Bar Association-accredited law schools this cycle, up from 62,964 at this point in 2020. That’s still significantly lower than the historic high of 100,601 applicants in 2004, but it’s by far the largest national applicant pool of the past decade. ...


Experts attribute the crush of applications to a number of factors, particularly the slowdown in the entry-level job market caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Law school and other graduate programs historically become more popular when jobs are tougher to come by in slow economies. Law school applicants shot up nearly 18% in 2002, amid the bursting of the so-called dot-com bubble. The number of people applying also climbed nearly 4% in 2009, amid the Great Recession.

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