Paul L. Caron

Saturday, July 31, 2021

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

  1. Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), Lesson From The Tax Court: No Deduction For Under-The-Table Cash Payments
  2. AAUP, Higher Ed Faces Existential Threat: Numbers And Salaries Are Down For Tenure-Track/Tenured Faculty, Way Up For Administrators; University Long-Term Debt Is Up 71%
  3. Allison Christians (McGill) & Leandra Lederman (Indiana), How To Read A Tax Statute
  4. The Daily Iowan, 8th Circuit Again Finds University Of Iowa Administrators Personally Liable For Deregistering Christian Student Group That Required Leaders To Affirm 'Basic Biblical Truths Of Christianity'
  5. Jim Rosenblatt (Dean Emeritus, Mississippi College School of Law), The Median Length Of Service Of The 203 Law School Deans: 3.15 Years
  6. NALP, Lawyer Career Satisfaction Remains Remarkably High Three Years After Graduation Despite Pandemic Challenges
  7. Patricia Lee Refo (President, ABA), The American Bar Association Responds on ‘Woke Law Schools’
  8. Karen Sloan (Reuters), 47% Of Law Schools Are Requiring Vaccinations This Fall; Indoor Mask Mandates Are Surging
  9. Journal Of Legal Education Symposium, Gender Inequity Throughout the Legal Academy
  10. Baylor Law Review Symposium, Vision For Law School Leadership Training

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