Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Roaring Fall 2021 Admissions Season: Will A Law School Have A 175 LSAT Or 4.0 UGPA Median?

Following up on yesterday's post, 98% Of The Way Through The Fall 2021 Law School Admissions Cycle: Applicants Are Up 14%, With Biggest Increase (66%) Among The 170+ LSAT Band:  Spivey Consulting, Recapping the 2020-2021 Law School Admissions Cycle & Predicting the Upcoming Cycle:

In this podcast, Mike Spivey is joined by PowerScore founder and CEO Dave Killoran and Spivey Consulting Business Intelligence Director Justin Kane ... to discuss takeaways from this previous 2020-2021 admissions cycle and to make predictions for the upcoming 2021-2022 cycle.

The fall 2021 admissions discussion addressed a number of interesting points, including:

  • Potential causes of the dramatic increase in LSAT scores
    • The pandemic gave test-takers more time to study
    • The online test was shorter and taken in the more convenient and comfortable home environment
  • Predicted LSAT and UGPA medians:  +2, +.05
  • Predicted 1L enrollment: +10%
  • Which will occur first: a school with a 175 LSAT median or a 4.0 UGPA median? (The current highs are a 173 LSAT median (Harvard, Yale) and a 3.94 UGPA Median (Alabama, Yale)

The fall 2022 admissions discussion included a range of viewpoints, including a prediction of flat first-time LSAT registrants and a retrenchment from the very high LSAT scores in the current cycle, resulting in most law schools experiencing a reduction in the LSAT medians.

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