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Monday, July 26, 2021

The Median Length Of Service Of The 203 Law School Deans: 3.15 Years

From Jim Rosenblatt (Dean Emeritus, Mississippi College School of Law):

The Rosenblatt's Deans Database (RDD) is back after being off the net in order to do a complete revision of the software code, add features, and update data. ...

The most viewed feature of the RDD is the length of tenure of [the 203] current deans.  Eleven law deans have served for more than 10 years led by the dean of deans Brad Toben at Baylor Law with 29.7 years. The median point for dean's current service is 3.15 years [the average is 4.0 years].

72 deans have served more than five years, the typical first contract length for deans, and thus presumably have been re-appointed for another term. The remaining 131 deans presumably are serving under their initial contract.

Here are the breakdowns of the 203 deans by gender and ethnicity:

Deans by Gender:

Dean Gender 2

Deans by Ethnicity:

Dean Ethnicity 2

Deans by Gender and Ethnicity:

Dean Gender And Ethnicity 2

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