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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Tax Panels Today At SEALS

Tax panels today at the 2021 SEALS Annual Conference on Amelia Island, Florida (program):

SEALs Logo (2013)New Scholars Workshop: Corporate Law, Financial Markets, and Taxation II
This workshop gives New Scholars the opportunity to present a work-in-progress in a welcoming and supportive environment and to receive feedback on their presentation from more senior scholars in their fields. New Scholars are also assigned a mentor. The program is open to junior faculty at member schools. New Scholars are nominated to participate in the New Scholars Workshop by the deans of their respective law schools.

  • John Anderson (Mississippi College) (moderator)
  • Catherine Baylin Duryea (St. John's), Crumbs of Judicial Relief: Judicial Review of Price Controls During Wartime
    Mentor: Eric Segall (Georgia State) (mentor)
  • Young Ran (Christine) Kim (Utah), Taxing Telework 
    Mentor: Tessa Davis (South Carolina)
  • Jennifer Levine (Quinnipiac), Qualified Small Business Stock: A Proposal for Reform to Promote Business Formation and Growth 
    Mentor: Joan Heminway (Tennessee)
  • Daniel Schaffa (Richmond), Payroll Subsidies as a Policy Tool
    Mentor: Colin Marks (St. Mary's)

Workshop on Tax Law: Tax Law and Policy - International, Federal, State
This panel addresses a variety of issues in tax policy, including the implications of complex sets of relevant tax rules in various contexts and scenarios. Papers included in this panel consider cross-border issues at the local, state, and international levels, as well as questions that arise around the coordination between the IRS and other agencies. Other panelists consider issues around the marriage penalty and the physical presence rules.

  • Richard Winchester (Seton Hall) (moderator)
  • Andrew Appleby (Stetson)
  • Rebecca Rosenberg (Ohio Northern)
  • Blaine Saito (Northeastern)
  • Eric Smith (Weber State)
  • Adam Thimmesch (Nebraska)

Workshop on Tax Law: Tax Reform in the 21st Century
This panel brings together tax policy experts from a variety of fields to consider ways the tax law can be reformed. Under consideration are wealth taxes, "tax loopholes", the role of the federal tax system in the taxation of legalized marijuana, and lessons the tax system can learn from pandemic relief. Presenters consider the implications of a variety of tax policy tools on these various topics.

  • Ted Afield (Georgia State) (moderator)
  • Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky)
  • David Gamage (Indiana-Maurer)
  • Diane J. Klein (La Verne)
  • Andrew Swain (Indiana-Leighton)
  • Eleanor Wilking (Cornell)

Workshop on Tax Law: Discussion Group - Tax Law and Policy in the 21st Century
Congress and the Biden administration are working hard to institute a series of tax reforms in a variety of different areas. This discussion group considers a variety of issues raised in the tax reform arena. Members of the discussion group consider both reforms already enacted by Congress and alternative proposals that either may still be enacted or should have been enacted. In addition, participants consider a variety of topics at the subnational and international level that contribute to the overall improvement of the tax policy arena.

  • Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky) (moderator)
  • Ted Afield (Georgia State)
  • Andrew Appleby (Stetson)
  • Neil Buchanan (Florida)
  • Gary Lucas (Texas A&M)
  • Kathy Moore (Kentucky)
  • Rebecca Rosenberg (Ohio Northern)
  • Andrew Swain (Indiana-Leighton)
  • Phyllis Taite (Florida A&M)
  • Richard Winchester (Seton Hall)

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