Paul L. Caron

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tax Panel Today At SEALS

Tax panel today at the 2021 SEALS Annual Conference on Amelia Island, Florida (program):

SEALS (2022)Workshop on Tax Law: Tax Law, Policy, and Human Beings
Sometimes we forget, but real live human beings (and dead ones!) are subject to the income tax. The presenters on this panel consider the myriad ways that the income tax responds to and is shaped by the choices human beings make. In particular, papers in this panel address the rise of telework, the effect of the tax system on the cost of death, tax and the cyborg, and the human factor in the economic calculus.

  • Carla Spivack (Oklahoma City) (moderator)
  • Tessa Davis (South Carolina) 
  • Victoria Haneman (Creighton)
  • Young Ran (Christine) Kim (Utah)
  • Phyllis Tate (Florida A&M)
  • Richard Winchester (Seton Hall)

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