Paul L. Caron

Friday, July 30, 2021

Tax Panel Today At SEALS

Tax panel today at the 2021 SEALS Annual Conference on Amelia Island, Florida (program):

SEALS (2022)Workshop on Tax Law: Discussion Group: Tax Law
This discussion group is broadly concerned with issues of taxation. Discussants will address individual income tax, corporate income tax, state & local tax, estate & gift tax, tax expenditure policy, international tax, and entitlements. While these disparate themes might seem only loosely related, a common thread of the difficulties of balancing equity, simplicity, incentives, and transparency runs through all of them. These scholars grapple with the central tax topics of the day, and address the looming concerns that must be dealt with by all levels of government.

  • Tessa Davis (South Carolina) (moderator)
  • David Gamage (Indiana)
  • Victoria J. Haneman (Creighton)
  • Young Ran (Christine) Kim (Utah)
  • Diane J. Klein (La Verne)
  • Leandra Lederman (Indiana)
  • Blaine Saito (Northeastern)
  • Eric Smith (Weber State)
  • Adam Thimmesch (Nebraska)
  • Eleanor Wilking (Cornell)

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