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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Florida Coastal Law School Sues U.S. Department Of Education Over Denial Of Participation In Student Loan Program

Jacksonville Daily Record, Florida Coastal Sues U.S. Department of Education:

Florida Coastal (2017)Florida Coastal School of Law sued the U.S. Department of Education in federal court July 20, accusing it of exceeding and abusing its authority and acting arbitrarily and without due process in terminating the school’s participation in the federal student loan program.

The Jacksonville law school also filed a motion for emergency injunctive relief to prevent it from closing at the end of July because of the loan program termination.

Law360, Fla. Law School Accuses DOE Of 'Agenda' Against For-Profits:

Florida Coastal School of Law filed a federal suit Tuesday challenging the U.S. Department of Education's cancellation of its Title IV participation, saying the move violated the Administrative Procedure Act and appears to be part of a "political agenda" against for-profit education. ...

"FCSL has met every proper requirement imposed by the department, and it even worked in good faith to meet the department's ultra vires demands," FCSL said in the complaint. "But the department demonstrated that its true objective was to close a viable school as part of a political agenda against proprietary education, while retaining millions of dollars in security posted by the school's owner."

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