Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Fall 2021 Law Review Article Submission Guide

SubmissionsNancy Levit (UMKC) & Allen Rostron (UMKC) have updated their incredibly useful document, which contains two charts for the Fall 2021 submission season covering the 196 main journals of each law school.

The first chart (pp. 1-56) contains information gathered from the journals’ websites on:

  • Methods for submitting an article (such as by e-mail, regular mail, or Scholastica—   ExpressO has shut down its submission service for law reviews )
  • Any special formatting requirements
  • How to request an expedited review
  • How to withdraw an article after it has been accepted for publication elsewhere

The second chart (pp. 57-64) contains the ranking of the law reviews and their schools under six measures:

  • U.S. News: Overall Rank
  • U.S. News: Peer Reputation Rating
  • U.S. News: Judge/Lawyer Reputation Rating
  • Washington & Lee Citation Ranking
  • Washington & Lee Impact Factor
  • Washington & Lee Combined Rating

As for submission methods:
All-symposia format 3
Email only 4
Email or mail 6
Submission portal 7 (although 5 of these allow submission by Scholastica or email as well)
Scholastica or mail 14 (most have a preference for Scholastic)
Scholastica only 48
Scholastica or email 56 (a varying range of preferences, some for email, more for Scholastic) Scholastic or email or mail 58 (explanation below)

To explain the last category, most law reviews prefer email or Scholastica, although there are a substantial number of law reviews that are listed on Scholastica but do not mention Scholastica in their submission information on their websites, so it is not clear whether the law review encourages or prefers use of Scholastica. For these law reviews, we have simply noted that it is possible to submit through Scholastica. Authors may essentially be paying $5 just to have Scholastica send an e-mail for them; we just don’t know.

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