Paul L. Caron

Friday, July 30, 2021

47% Of Law Schools Are Requiring Vaccinations This Fall; Indoor Mask Mandates Are Surging

Karen Sloan (Reuters), Returning to Law School This Fall? Better Get Vaccinated:

Students at nearly half of the law schools in the nation will need to provide proof that they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 if they want to set foot on campus this fall, including at all the so-called T-14 elite schools, according to a higher education publication's list of vaccine mandates at universities and colleges.

And with the Delta variant spreading fast, a growing number of schools are reversing course and announcing that mask use will again be mandatory while indoors — dashing hopes of a mask-free fall semester. Duke, Harvard and Georgetown are among the universities that have said they plan to retain or reinstate an indoor mask requirement when the new school year begins.

It appears that vaccine mandates for students are more common at law schools than at colleges and universities generally. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, 611 colleges and universities have thus far adopted vaccine requirements, or about 20% of the nation’s approximately 3,000 degree-granting institutions. But at least 93 American Bar Association-accredited law schools are now requiring vaccinations, which amounts to 47% of such schools, the Chronicle's list shows.

Increasingly, law professors and staff are also coming under vaccine mandates — a trend that is accelerating as COVID case rates rise.

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