Paul L. Caron

Friday, June 11, 2021

Titus PresentsTax Policy For Developing Countries Today At The Indiana/Leeds Summer Zoom Tax Workshop Series

Afton Titus (Cape Town; Google Scholar) presents Tax Policy for the Future of Developing Countries: The Synergies Between Covid-19 and Automation virtually today as part of the Indiana/Leeds Summer Zoom Tax Workshop Series hosted by Leandra Lederman (Indiana) and Leopoldo Parada (Leeds):

TitusThe COVID-19 global pandemic has devastated economies around the world – an impact which is miniscule compared to the toll it has taken on human lives. Daring to see that something good may come from this tragedy, this paper argues that there are clear synergies to be drawn between the health measures required as a consequence of the global pandemic and the opportunities offered by automation and digital technologies. It is further argued that the tax policies adopted to check the impact of COVID-19 may be adapted to better harness the
potential prospect of improved productivity that automation offers.

The focus of this analysis is on how this may be of use to African countries, as these countries have been the hardest hit economically by the global pandemic.

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