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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Tax Policy Center Hosts The 11th Annual IRS/TPC Joint Research Conference On Tax Administration Virtually Today


The Tax Policy Center hosts the 11th Annual IRS/TPC Joint Research Conference On Tax Administration today at 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EDT (registration): 

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center invite you to virtually attend the only annual conference focused exclusively on tax administration research. Researchers from the IRS, other government agencies, academia, and private organizations will discuss some of the latest analyses seeking to make tax administration as effective as possible.


  • Eric Toder (Codirector, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center)
  • Barry Johnson (Acting Chief Analytics Officer, IRS, RAAS)
  • Charles Rettig (Commissioner of Internal Revenue)

Session 1: Improving Individual Taxpayer Compliance

  • Robert McClelland (Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center; Google Scholar) (moderator)
  • Ellen Badgley (MITRE), Kyle Furlong (MITRE) (presenting), Lucia Lykke (MITRE), Abby Ng (MITRE), Leigh Nicholl (MITRE), & Alan Plumley (IRS, RAAS), Audit Contagion? Investigating the General Indirect Effect of Audits Through Tax Preparer Networks
  • Paul R. Organ (Michigan) (presenting), Joel Slemrod (Michigan; Google Scholar), Alex Ruda (IRS, RAAS), & Alex Turk (IRS, RAAS), Do Collateral Sanctions Work? Evidence from the IRS’ Passport Certification and Revocation Process 
  • Emily Y. Lin (Office of Tax Analysis, U.S. Department of the Treasury), Ankur Patel (Office of Tax Analysis, U.S. Department of the Treasury), & Alexander Yuskavage (Office of Tax Analysis, U.S. Department of the Treasury) (presenting), EITC Noncompliance: Examining the Roles of the Dynamics of EITC Claims and Paid Preparer Use
  • Tatiana Homonoff (NYU; Google Scholar) (discussant)

Session 2: Impacts of Variations in Process

  • Melanie Patrick (IRS, SOI) (moderator)
  • Roger M. White (Arizona State; Google Scholar) (presenting), Sales Tax Administration and the Real Economy
  • Deandra Reinhart (IRS, SB/SE), Rafael Dacal (IRS, SB/SE) (presenting), Ariel Wooten (IRS, SB/SE), & Jonathan Curtiss (MITRE; Google Scholar), Using Discrete Event Simulations to Understand the Impact of Changes to IRS Processes
  • Derrick Dennis (IRS, SOI), Jennifer Ferris (IRS, SOI), Chloe Gagin (IRS, SOI) (presenting), Tuba Ozer-Gurbuz (IRS, SOI), Julia Shiller (IRS, SOI), and Christopher Williams (IRS, SOI), Effects of Post-filing Adjustments on Statistics of Income (SOI) Estimates
  • Jennifer Stratton (U.S. Government Accountability Office) (discussant)

Keynote Address

  • Mark Mazur (Acting Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy, U.S. Treasury Department)

Session 3: Developments in Technology and Analytics

  • Terry Ashley (IRS, Taxpayer Advocate Service) (moderator)
  • Tom Hertz (IRS, RAAS; Google Scholar), Pat Langetieg (IRS, RAAS), Mark Payne (IRS, RAAS), Alan Plumley (IRS, RAAS) (presenting), & Maggie R. Jones (U.S. Census Bureau; Google Scholar), New Approaches to Estimating the Extent of Nonfiling 
  • Jan Millard (IRS, RAAS) (presenting), Michael Stavrianos (ASR Analytics), Sarah Smolenski (ASR Analytics), Lauren Szczerbinski (ASR Analytics), & Travis Whitfield (ASR Analytics), Using Uplift Modeling to Improve ACS Case Selection and Compliance Outcomes 
  • Getaneh Yismaw (IRS, RAAS) (presenting), Taukir Hussain (IRS, RAAS), Drew Johns (IRS, RAAS), Jon Creem (IRS, RAAS), & Mary-Helen Risler (IRS, RAAS), Recent IRS Discriminant Function (DIF) Model Improvements
  • Brian Erard (Brian Erard & Associates) (discussant)

Session 4: Enhancing Taxpayer Customer Experience

  • Christine Oehlert (IRS, RAAS) (moderator)
  • Crystal Hall (Washington; Google Scholar), Anne Herlache (IRS, RAAS) (presenting), & Mary Clair Turner (U.S. General Services Administration), Increasing Take-up of the American Opportunity Tax Credit 
  • Kahoa Bonhomme (IRS, SB/SE) (presenting), Kathleen Holland (IRS, SB/SE), & Janice Hu (IRS, SB/SE), Customer Experience for Small Business and Self-Employed Taxpayers
  • Yan Sun (IRS, RAAS) (presenting) & Stephanie Needham (IRS, RAAS), Are Annual Federal Employment Tax Returns Effective? An Economic Analysis of Filing,
    Reporting, and Payment Compliance Associated with Forms 943 and 944
  • Jacob Goldin (Stanford; Google Scholar) (discussant)


  • Eric Toder (Codirector, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center)

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