Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Attorneys Of Color Reveal Alarmingly Higher Instances Of Mental Health Struggles, Attorneys of Color Reveal Alarmingly Higher Instances of Mental Health Struggles:

ALM’s 2021 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey laid out the caustic damage the pandemic has had on overall attorney well-being as the more than 3,200 respondents revealed clear upticks in depression and anxiety.

But when the data is broken down by race, it is apparent that the last year and a half has not equally affected everyone: Minority attorneys reported higher rates of suicidal thoughts, depression and isolation than their white colleagues, aligning with a previous study by the ABA, which also tied race to mental health outcomes.

Perhaps the most stark data point lies in the response to suicidal tendencies. Roughly 31% of Black respondents said they have contemplated suicide throughout their legal career, the highest among the racial groups.

About 20% of Asian attorneys and 23% of Hispanic and Latino attorneys have also said the same. By comparison, almost 19.4% of white attorneys say they have contemplated suicide.

Nearly 61% of Black attorneys said they feel isolated in their law firms, compared to 53% of white attorneys and 49% of Hispanic attorneys. Black and Hispanic attorneys were also more likely to say they had depression or anxiety than their White or Asian counterparts.

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